When Frankie was eight months old, his parents knew something wasn’t right.

At 18 months old, he was diagnosed with autism.

Nonverbal – with multiple daily meltdowns and dangerous behaviors – Frankie’s parents tried everything.

Desperate to help their child, they found a life-changing therapy that gave them hope … and results.

Personalized Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation changed Frankie’s and his parents’ lives.

Today, Frankie is a mainstreamed 8th grader. He is completely conversant. He reads and writes, is social, no longer has meltdowns … and no longer toe walks.

Now, families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have access to this transformative therapy in New Jersey.

The NeuroHealth Center in Hackettstown, NJ specializes in Personalized Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (PrTMS®). PrTMS is a pain-free, drug-free, noninvasive procedure that can change the life of children and adults with ASD. The center is inspired by Frankie’s parents, Frank and Mary Plut, who witnessed the impact PrTMS had on Frankie and want to help other families affected by ASD.

Personalized to the individual needs of each patient, PrTMS gently delivers repetitive magnetic pulses to targeted areas of the brain. The pulses stimulate the nerve cells – rebuilding the abnormal cranial minicolumns in ASD patients and improving the brain’s executive functioning. PrTMS may transform non-verbal patients to verbal, reduce symptoms including toe walking and meltdowns … and more.

“Am I ever going to hear my son say ‘I love you, Mom?’” Frankie’s parents tell their story.

How PrTMS Works

PrTMS is pain-free, drug-free and noninvasive. An EEG is taken once every five days, the data gathered is used to develop a unique treatment protocol calibrated specifically to the individual patient. During each treatment session, an electromagnetic coil is placed near the patient’s scalp at five to six distinct locations on the head. The electromagnet painlessly delivers a magnetic pulse that stimulates the brain’s neurons, activating these areas of the brain that cause ASD.

PrTMS Changes Lives

PrTMS May Change Lives By:

  • Transforming non-verbal patients like Frankie into fully verbal children
  • Reducing meltdowns
  • Reducing destructive behaviors
  • Diminishing toe walking
  • Promoting social interactions … and more

PrTMS Also
Treats Other Conditions

PrTMS is FDA approved to treat medicine-resistant depression, and – in addition to autism – may be used off label to treat: traumatic brain Injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, learning disorders, stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyper anxiety and other brain traumas and disorders.

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