How PrTMS Works

PrTMS is pain-free, drug-free and noninvasive. An EEG is taken once every five days, the data gathered is used to develop a unique treatment protocol calibrated specifically to the individual patient. During each treatment session, an electromagnetic coil is placed near the patient’s scalp at five to six distinct locations on the head. The electromagnet painlessly delivers a magnetic pulse that stimulates the brain’s neurons, activating these areas of the brain that cause ASD.

Our Process

PrTMS May Changes Patients’ Lives By:

  • Reducing meltdowns

  • Reducing destructive behaviors

  • Transforming non-verbal patients into verbal children

  • Diminishing toe walking
  • Fostering adaptability

  • Promoting social interactions and eye contact

  • Promoting sleep

  • Decreasing anxiety and enhancing stress coping mechanisms

  • Improving overall mood and reducing depression

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